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A novel strain of Rhizobium leguminosarum designated S012A-2 (IDAC 080305-01). The strain is useful for improving plant growth and yield of legumes, particularly peas and lentils by nitrogen fixation. The strain is contacted with legume seeds prior to and/or during germination and growth, and may be used to form an inoculant composition that can be used to coat seeds prior to …

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Translation for: ''inoculant'' in English->Italian dictionary. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs. | inoculum | English-Slovak Dictionary

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Google Translate Disclaimer. Products containing Rhizobium bacteria are called nitrogen inoculants. Inoculation is the process of introducing the appropriate Rhizobium bacteria to the soil in nuers sufficient to ensure successful nodulation. This is done by coating the seed with a liquid or peat-based powder inoculant, or by treating the

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Google Translate Disclaimer. The use of Jumpstart® inoculant is an alternative or supplement to adding phosphate fertilizer and is used to increase the availability of phosphorus to the plant. Check the Jumpstart® label for more information. Potassium .

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N-Take™ inoculant stimulates free-living soil bacteria, enhancing your soybeans’ nitrogen uptake from the earliest stages of development through harvest. As a dual-action, custom-applied liquid soybean inoculant designed for commercial appliion, N …

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Google හි නොමිලේ සේවාවෙන් ඉංග්‍රීසි සහ වෙනත් භාෂා 100කට අධික ගණනක් අතර වචන, වාක්‍ය සහ වෙබ් …

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Dictionary entry overview: What does inoculant mean? • INOCULANT (noun) The noun INOCULANT has 1 sense:. 1. a substance (a virus or toxin or immune serum) that is introduced into the body to produce or increase immunity to a particular disease Familiarity information: INOCULANT used as a noun is very rare.

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Define inoculant. inoculant synonyms, inoculant pronunciation, inoculant translation, English dictionary definition of inoculant. n. See inoculum. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Google; Flashcards? My bookmarks? + Add current page to bookmarks. Mentioned in? inoculum; substance;

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Inoculation Eternity. Michelle D. Starr. Xulon Press, 2006 - Fiction - 268 pages. 2 Reviews. Before humankind ever existed there was Eternity, a place with no time, no sickness, and no war. Then life began to change. Unleashed emotions assimilated negative potential. Amidst the dysphonia, Archangel Gabriel''s scientific interest beckoned him to | inoculum | English-Spanish Dictionary

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Feb 10, 2021· Optimize ® XC Inoculant Up to 2X the Rate of Early Nodulation for Soybeans, with an Extra-concentrated Formulation . Optimize ® XC Inoculant is a retailed-applied dual-action technology that coines Bradyrhizobium japonicum with exclusive LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharides) technology. In 2016, a growth chaer study showed that coining …

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Nitrogen-fixation legumes. The nitrogen cycle. Thizobia. Nodulation. Species and strains of rhizobia. Host specificty. Effectiveness grouping. Inoculants and inoculation. Qualities of an effective inoculants. Quality control and standards. Tests for viable rhizobia. Packaging. Labelling requirements. Shelf life and dating system. Hints for buying and storing inoculants.

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Legume Powder Inoculant - Cover Crop Seed Inoculant for Legume Seeds - .25 Oz Bag - Powder Rhizobia Inoculant for Cover Crop Hairy Vetch, Lentil Seeds, Fava Beans, Broad Bean, for a while," 22 Apr. 2021 As a successful inoculant became more likely, the JCVI’s Covid-19 subcommittee met weekly starting in Septeer.

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Inoculant definition is - inoculum. Recent Examples on the Web Don’t forget to roll the seed or roots in a Rhizobia bacterial inoculant. — Jeff Lowenfels, Anchorage Daily News, "Spring is finally here, but try to stay off your lawn for a while," 22 Apr. 2021 As a successful inoculant became more likely, the JCVI’s Covid-19 subcommittee met weekly starting in Septeer.